Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nice to see you again Relentless

Feels like it haven't been that long since we last wrote about Relentless. But I just realized it was over one year ago. Pardon for that, but I've played their tracks so much last year at home and at clubs so it feels their been on my agenda the whole time.

But it's nice too get new music from these two San Francisco guys, They're a progressive/tech act working with both new and old technology. Right now they have released a new single "The City Loves You" on the house label Axis Trax. You can get your copy over at Beatport where the single comes with four remixes. Here is the original track in lower quality.

Relentless feat. Adrianne Nigg - The City Loves You

During the last year they have also come up with some other stuff that I like to share with you. "Double Slit" is a pumping track with a lot of that nu disco beat, awesomeness! Then their remix of the track with the longest name ever written together, is not a bad one either.

Relentless - Double Slit

Relentless vs Noel Sinner - Lick it Over

Super Commodore - Radiopuppetsundaydirtywasher (Relentless Remix)