Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Saga of ODahl & kamp!

This is a kind of pleasant story to follow, hopefully it will continue into the future. I'm talking about the saga of ODahl & kamp!, the Swedish-Polish brotherhood between talented young men. This is the third time ODahl remixes kamp!

kamp! the electro pop troup from Poland who makes beautiful music with inspiration from the 80s as well as the modern days. Things are really about to happen for them, they just announced live-gigs in Los Angeles for example and we can also reveal that the people of Stockholm most likely will stand face to face with these three guys soon...

ODahl is the Swedish myth that exists, making fine remixes every time, not only of kamp! He also just released his debut EP a couple of weeks ago and it's climbing the charts at Beatport, get your copy of the EP here.

And here we give you ODahl's new remix of the great "Distance of the Modern Hearts" by kamp!

kamp! - Distance of the Modern Hearts (ODahl Remix)


Nathan Grawesh said...

Thanks for writing about Kamp! again - this three guys are really skilled and worth promoting around the world. And speaking about Polish-Swedish brotherhood - I hope one You'll give me opportunity to dance to tunes served by You on one of the Polish dancefloors;)

Jonas/Jonny Puma said...

Yeah kamp! is amazingly good. We'll promise to keep promoting them to the people of the world.

And we'd love to come and play in Poland, so if anyone within the clubbing scene of Poland reads this, contact the Tracasseur DJs and we'll come.