Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tracasseur on air at Elektrana Radio on Thursday

Now on Thursday 8 PM CET (1 hour ahead of GMT/UTC) Tracasseur will be on Radio Elektrana.

If you remember, Tracasseur were down in Serbia at the amazing Exit Festival in the beginning of July for a dj-set at the Elektrana Stage. Elektrana are the collective from Serbia with djs and other artists than brings forward new and fresh artists in all kind of ways. They also run a radio station where we be on air.

After an amazing dj-set at the Elektrana Stage for us, we were asked to do an exclusive mixtape for Elektrana Radio. So we did, and we named it "Tracasseur ♥ Elektrana Mixtape". The mixtape is partly built around our dj-set at Elektrana Stage, so if you were there you will recognize some of the tracks.

So, tune in Elektrana Radio on Thursday 8 PM CET for a listen. Get your asses over to their site and either you listen from there via the player in the upper right corner or you download the stream player that you prefer right left of the player.

Enjoy "Tracasseur ♥ Elektrana Mixtape" on Thursday!