Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Monsieur Adi

Blow in the horns. Wave with the colourful flags. Clap your hands and move your feet because today it's Monsieur Adi's birthday.

To celebrate this young multi-talented producer and record-label boss, we'll post his latest remix of Paper Crows along with a congratulation. Paper Crows are the new UK duo that look back to times of trip hop and sounds a little like Portishead, and that's a great thing. But they still make it in their own way, the sound has a touch of dubstep and I really like them.

"Stand Alight" is Paper Crows' debut single and Monsieur Adi transforms it into a more energetic track but still as beautiful, much because of Emma Panas wonderful voice. Once again a superb remix of Monsieur Adi.

Paper Crows - Stand Alight (Monsieur Adi Remix)

Paper Crows - Stand Alight

Monsieur Adi, we hope you get a fantastic birthday! Congratulations from Tracasseur!


Adi said...

Thank you, guys !!!