Monday, September 27, 2010

LBCK about to release the "Start" EP

October 4 LBCK will release their EP "Start" on On The Fruit Records almost everywhere (iTunes, Beatport and so on). We featured the great "Start" back in July along with the fine and colourful video. But it's as good that it should be re-posted:

On the EP there are a bunch of excellent remixers joining LBCK's release. What do you say about names like Fare Soldi, The Phantom's Revenge, Bit Funk, Moonchild, and la ZEBRA? Yep, thought so, this release will be something extra. LBCK are also kind to give you guys two of the fine remixes of "Start" in high quality. So nice of them that you absolutely should buy the whole "Start" EP on October 4.

LBCK - Start (Fare Soldi Alla Frutta Remix)

LBCK - Start (The Phantom's Revenge Daily Double Remix)