Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The full remix package for Grum's "Through The Night"

British Grum are soon to release the track "Through The Night", to be more precise, October 4 is the exact date. But already today you can take a listen to the full 10-track release here with a bunch of excellent remixes of an excellent track. With remixes by estimable acts such as Tom de Neef, Bit Funk, Swiss Menergy, Perseus, Beaumont and Grum himself, it's a very fine release.

Grum is also a kind soul and share these two fine remixes from the release with you guys.

Grum - Through The Night (Beaumont Remix)

Grum - Through The Night (Perseus Remix)


Sami R said...

Carah Faye (from Shiny Toy Guns) is releasing her new album on 21st Sept. I have heard some of the tracks and already a fan.
You guys must also check out Versant and preorder at itunes.


beaumont said...

why do idiots always spam with self promoting shit? eternal question eh?

beaumont said...

not to mention IRRELEVANT shit

Jonas/Jonny Puma said...

Yeah, exactly, don't get it at all. The other day some jerk posted racism stuff as comments.

Anonymous said...

Odd comment Beaumont