Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rosie and Me

It's not the love story of Rosie and me Jonny Puma, but instead it's the name of a folk pop group from Brazil!! Yep, Rosie and Me are hailing from Brazil influenced of the American folk music making their sound a little more unique.

Now you're maybe wondering why the electronic music blog of Tracasseur writes about folk pop suddenly. The story is kind of sweet (maybe a love story...) and it started out when singer Rosie emailed us wanted to be reviewed on Tracasseur and telling us of their influences of likes as Bon Iver, Stars and Band of Horses. Me, listening to that kind of music also, took a listen and liked what I heard. Unfortunately it would be kind of wrong to post only folk pop on Tracasseur even if we really can post whatever we want.

So even if the post wouldn't be made I had to answer her and tell that I really liked what I heard but we couldn't post it regarding our electronic direction. But I also asked her if they got a remix made of some of their tracks, because then we could kind of go around the problem and posting the remix along with the original track as we often do with a lot of remixes. Hurrah, there were one remix!

So she sent over a remix of "Come Back" made by a French DJ named Benwa. So now we could make a post. "Come Back" is one of the tracks from their self-released EP "Bird and Whale" (buy it here) and it's a pearl all the way, especially if you're into folk pop with sweet introspective lyrics, catchy melodies and soft female vocals. So now it's Rosie and Me...

Rosie and Me - Come Back (Benwa's Remix)

Rosie and Me - Come Back


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