Sunday, September 12, 2010

Get "Senior" with Röyksopp

Norwegian masterminds of Röyksopp are back with the album "Senior". This album is the instrumental follow-up of last year's more intense "Junior". They say themselves that the "Senior" album got that "autumn feeling" whilst "Junior" had the "spring feeling". On "Junior" almost every track was featured by a vocalist, for example Robyn, Lykke Li and Karin Dreijer (Fever Ray & The Knife) now it's 100% instrumental.

Another thing about this new release is that they recorded it at the same time as "Junior" and they wanted it to be more mature and introspective. The atmospheric feeling they deliver with "Senior" is different from many other things they do in one way but on the other hand it's right up their alley. "Röyksopp Forever" from "Junior" is kind of close to the sound of "Senior" even if it's more dramatic. And we all know the depths of Röyksopp's great music knowledge and talent.

They've got that magic touch and have been with us for ten years now and still renew themselves with every new release. And they keep impressing us all the time, when we thought they reached the top of their career, they create something mind blowing and continues to climb on with their journey upwards until they reach the clouds and get to sit right next to God himself.

"Senior" will be released tomorrow September 13, but until then you can pre-listen the whole album down below and pre-order it here. Down below are also three tracks as mp3:s from the album, where I got my favourite one in "The Fear".

Röyksopp - The Fear

Röyksopp - Coming Home

Röyksopp - The Alcoholic

Here's a kind of odd but yet fantastic short film with the tracks from "Senior" included. Enjoy "Röyksopp's Adventures in Barbieland".

And as a bonus, "This Space" will not be included on the release. It was released earlier this year as "Track of the Month" for free at Röyksopp's site and it's a pearl.

Röyksopp - This Space