Sunday, September 19, 2010

GFR004 - HR "Memory Chord"

Last Monday we posted an exclusive track named "Misery" from this EP by Norwegian italo queen HR, today it's time for the full release. "Memory Chord" is released by our friends over at Girlfriend Records, and they always make their releases free to the people.

This EP has been longed and now it's here. HR shows us to make beautiful nu italo with that right mix of the old and the new. This girl is classy! I know that she can handle the synth, I've seen her in action. Just take a listen to "Sandra"...

The EP also includes a remix by our old Swedish friend Neon Workout. He's into that kind of same music style but yet in another direction then HR. Enough said, here's "Memory Chord" EP by HR.

HR - Sandra

HR - System_R

HR - Memory Chord

HR - Memory Chord (Neon Workout Remix)

HR feat. mr Kitten - Misery

And if you fancy the cover artwork, I can tell you it's made by me, so you can fancy me too...


Kilian said...

Great music and great Design!