Thursday, September 9, 2010

Neonized interview

If you came running here to read an exciting interview with the guys behind excellent Spanish blog Neonized then I'm sorry to disappoint you. But if you'd like to know us a little better, they have an interview with us up (in Spanish and English). So, if you want you can read my interesting and thoughtful answers and Jonny's ramblings and download our brand new Tracasseur Got Neonized mixtape.

But before you go, here's Here We Are's latest remix of The Vanish, made together with The Amplid. Half of HWA is also part of Neonized, and happens to be the one who interviewed us, so please giggle a little at my dig at him towards the end of the interview.

The Vanish - Heartbeat (Here We Are vs. The Amplid Remix)