Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Alexandre Chatelard "Reconstitution"

"Reconstitution" is not a new release, it's from late April this year, so pretty new then...

It's from the Parisian guy Alexandre Chatelard, who is on the cool independent French label Ekler'o'shock. Loves what this guy makes, epic sounds like it's from an older movie soundtrack, that puts him in the same genre as the guru Moroder or as the countrymen of Housse de Racket. It's beautiful music with fine harmonies made to last. To quote Alexandre himself: "A melody which can stay in mind of people, for the whole life. So they can keep in them, a part of myself."

"Reconstitution" is the release where the track "Reconstitution" are made in six other versions, where "Data Reconstitution" is the nicest one. Get the whole release at iTunes or Beatport

Alexandre Chatelard - Reconstitution

Alexandre Chatelard - Data Reconstitution

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