Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Exclusives with Deluce

Wow, a lot of new stuff from one of our favourite French producers, Deluce. And not only new stuff it's a lot of exclusive goods for our dear readers of Tracasseur, that we of course like big time!

We'll start with the latest steaming hot tune straight out of the oven, some "Wild Birds" for you. Minitel Rose's (that we interviewed a while back) fine track that got a bunch of fine remixes, due to a remix contest, but now they got another fine one made after the contest, more for the fun of it.

Minitel Rose - Wild Birds (Deluce Remix) [Tracasseur exclusive]

Exclusive track #2 is a track named "Signs" that is a little out of the original Deluce style. This one is more into something like a dark video game ambiance.

Deluce - Signs [Tracasseur exclusive]

Next one is a kind of follow up to one of my classic tracks from Deluce; "Lead The Galaxy" that made it into #6 on my "Best of 2009" list. This new one is named "Beyond The Galaxy" and it's also, as I said about the other track back in the days: "...a track made for travelling in space..."

Deluce - Beyond The Galaxy [Tracasseur exclusive]

And don't "Runaway" yet because we got another for you that we haven't posted yet.

Deluce - Runaway

We'll finish off with Deluce's remix of record label mate Irish Steph's "Leprechauns Love Disco". Deluce's remix is free for you, but check out the whole EP "Power" at Beatport, where more tracks are included. And the record label is the cool French label Paranoiak.

Irish Steph - Leprechauns Love Disco (Deluce Remix)


Frédéric said...

Good Tracasseur ! Thank's Deluce !

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