Saturday, November 20, 2010

Paris play the Discold

Wow, this release is amazing! It's the latest release from our favourite label Ekler'o'shock. What do you get of you mix up some great Joy Division with disco and electro? You will get Paris. Not to be confused with the Swedish indie pop Paris, where actually one other Tracasseur fave is represented, Emmon.

Paris is Nicolas Ker from the French band Poni Hoax along with Arnaud Roulin, Mike Theis and Maxime Delpierre. And this project is something really fine. Loving it! It's as I said, the perfect mix between disco and Joy Division, what they call Discold over at Ekler'o'shock. Enjoy Paris and buy the whole digital release at iTunes or buy the 12" vinyl on EOS Online Store. The In Flagranti remix is ace!

Paris - In Crowded Subways (In Flagranti Remix)

Paris - The Cross-Over (Siskid's Lush version)

The Cross-Over by Tracasseur

In Crowded Subways by Tracasseur