Monday, November 1, 2010

New release from The Good Natured

The Good Natured are back with the second official release "Be My Animal" that was released today via KIDS. Their first release "Your Body is a Machine" was featured on fine Kitsuné Maison Compilation 9 with a remix of Helsinki-based Zebra and Snake. And this release also consists of a remix by them (look further down).

The Good Natured consists of Sarah, Hamish and George even if many people refer to only Sarah as being The Good Natured. 19-year-old Sarah McIntosh is of course the main character of the band, as she started everything. She's having something really good going on naturally.

The Good Natured will also play a special single launch show on Friday, November 5 at Love Machine, held at Shoreditch's Concrete. Email The Good Natured to be on the guestlist. Until then, enjoy this video and buy your own copy here:

Also enjoy these remixes from the release along with the b-side "Prisoner".

The Good Natured - Be My Animal (Zebra and Snake Remix)

The Good Natured - Be My Animal (Get People Remix)

The Good Natured - Prisoner

And an extra bonus, because The Good Natured make a great version of this classic.

The Good Natured - Lovesong (The Cure Cover)