Thursday, November 25, 2010

More Kill Them With Colour

Wow, that Kill Them With Colour remix of Kid Cudi really blew up on Hype Machine, to both their and our delight. They still have less than 50 MySpace friends though, with MySpace Tom sitting on top of the pile with his trollface smile. MySpace is one thing, but when they still have around 50 fans on their Facebook page we have to do something. 'Like' people, 'Like'!!

To bribe you we give you an original KTWC track and a remix of some guy called Michael Jackson, who was probably best known for being LaToya Jackson's brother. Just kidding, we love Jacko.

Kill Them With Colour - Accelerator

Michael Jackson - Bad (Kill Them With Colour Remix)

And here's the video for the MJ remix:


Anonymous said...

Thank You Tracasseur,

Lone said...

A little essence of "Red Corvette" by Prince in "Accelerator" :)