Friday, November 19, 2010

The Toxic Avenger + Black Strobe

French electro maestro The Toxic Avenger is coming out with his new EP "Angst:One" on Monday the 22nd. Simon Delacroix, who obviously has borrowed his name from the 1984 cult horror flick has made a really strong track. The original is a great piece of French electro in the same vein as Danger. It's very melodic and very intense at the same time and has really nice sweeping strings. The longer album version, which will be included on the album that is due out next year, adds a really cool break with a live violin, a cello and drums by Something a la Mode. The Black Strobe remix has a great piano and a touch of that 90s sound that I'm just a sucker for at the moment, while Kid 606's remix gives the track a cool Miami bass/ghettotech feel.

We're happy to exclusively share the Black Strobe remix with you but we think you should buy the whole release on iTunes on Monday. You should also become a Facebook fan of Toxic, like all the other cool kids are. Oh, and due to the mp3s we received being wrongly labelled, it was actually the original EP version that was up on Friday and half of Saturday. We've corrected that now, but if you were fast downloading it, you can be happy that you got two versions of the track!

The Toxic Avenger - Angst One (Black Strobe Remix)  [Tracasseur exclusive]

ANGST:ONE (snippet) by The Toxic Avenger

Haven't seen The Toxic Avenger? This trailer will make you want to.