Thursday, November 25, 2010

Jen Bloom

Sometimes it really pays off to swift through some of the unread mails we've received. Take this mail from monstr for example. We wrote about them last summer, and one of their remixes was from LA-based singer Jen Bloom. Now Dan and Steve have branched out to start a record label, and their first signing is Jen Bloom.

That's a great first act because not only has Ms Bloom an amazing voice, she's also a great songwriter, as evidenced by her new single "All I'm Dreaming Of" which was hand-picked and got some polishing production by monstr. You can hear the demo version along with another demo on her Soundcloud. Jen is apparently also a very productive songwriter since the guys have revealed that the former New Yorker have a lot more songs up her sleeve.

The "All I'm Dreaming Of" single also comes with two great remixes from two great acts; Australian producer Dcup and the other from Artwork from Robbie Williams' home town of Stoke-on-Trent.

Jen Bloom - All I'm Dreaming Of

Jen Bloom - All I'm Dreaming Of (DCUP Remix)

Jen Bloom - All I'm Dreaming Of (Artwork Remix)