Friday, January 7, 2011

Testarossa is back

It was way too long time since we last wrote about our old friend Testarossa. He's been quite busy the last year with an enormous amount of dj-gigs. He's also been running several successful clubs such as Fashion at Fasching, Tom Tom Disco, Snap! and Discow Moscow here in Stockholm.

But yesterday we got a mail with two new tracks from him, and as always it's well-crafted tracks with inspiration from the italo and the electro scene. This guy knows how to create an awesome tune!

Testarossa - Cosmic Energy (Instrumental Version)

Testarossa - Meh Meh

And actually we got some other tracks back in November that slipped our radar (or kind of got lost in our full inbox), but these two remixes are too good not to be posted.

69 - Novo Rock (Testarossa Remix)

Max 'n Sandy - Keep The Joint (Testarossa Edit)


Sam said...

these are HOTTT

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