Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Miracles Club + Cut Copy

As you know Cut Copy is not only one of the best bands in the world, they also run the excellent Cutters label with artists like Das Moth, Nile Delta and Knightlife. Their latest signing is The Miracles Club from Portland, Oregon (lovely place by the way!). The trio stir together ingredients like classic Chicago House (check out their covers of "Can You feel It" and "Jack Your Body"), world music and psychedelic pop with contemporary dance music into a very special brew, as shown in this video:

Cut Copy are also nice people, so they give away a remix they've made of the song "Light of Love" to all members of their mailing list. So if you're on it you already have this, and if you're not, just sign up on the Cutters website.

The Miracles Club - Light of Love (Cut Copy Re-vision)