Thursday, July 28, 2011

Free EP from Alpha Boy

We wrote about young Berliner Alpha Boy back in November last year and how he was spreading his 80s flavoured tracks with inspiration as likes as Kavinsky and Multipac. Now he's back with a new EP named "Fresh", and it's for free.

"Fresh" contains four tracks all coloured in pink and purple haze from the 80s. The biggest difference from earlier work is the smoother sound. It's a more quiet approach and the inspiration now lies closer to Miami Vice outros rather than Kavinsky. Another improvement is also the production, really solid. I like how this guy evolves in a positive way, because we and many others liked him already back then.

Alpha Boy - Falkor (320 kbps)

Alpha Boy - The Fresh Tape (320 kbps)

Alpha Boy - Walking On Light (320 kbps)

Alpha Boy - Chip Child (320 kbps)

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