Friday, July 29, 2011

Justin Faust - Girl Talk EP

Last Friday Justin Faust released his new EP "Girl Talk" on Discotexas. Bad timing, since we're amidst the summer holidays. Or at least I've been. Then again, Jonny would probably argue that I've been on vacation since around February. On the upside I had the opportunity to meet up with Justin in Munich where we talked about the EP (and of course how much we're looking forward to the new Jersey Shore season). Not surprisingly he was very happy with the EP; both his originals and the remixes. It seems we, him and the Discotexas people aren't the only ones since it went straight up to top 5 on Beatport's Indie Dance/Nu Disco chart. Well deserved!

To me, G.L.O.V.E.S' remix narrowly edges out Bit Funk's and Herr Styler's strong remixes as my favourite of the bunch. Great to hear some new stuff from one of the true great Australian acts. Let's hope he pulls a Bag Raiders very soon. If he does we'll try to convince him to end his World tour in Stockholm, oh let's say next spring?

Justin Faust - Girl Talk by Discotexas

Justin Faust - Get Down by Discotexas

Justin Faust - High Hopes by Discotexas

Justin Faust - Girl Talk (Gloves Remix) by Discotexas

Justin Faust - Girl Talk (Bit Funk Remix) by Discotexas

Justin Faust - Girl Talk (Herr Styler Remix) by Discotexas

Pick up the release on Beatport! Swipe this for free though:

Justin Faust - Do It Again (320 kbps)

Of all the great music we should write about but end up not writing about (since we really need to hire some interns), Discotexas' last release with Lazydisco needs a mention. Lazydisco made that awesome remix of Toro y Moi last winter remember? The EP contains more of that smooth and funky lazydisco, plus some great remixes.

DT007 - Lazydisco - More Tigers by Discotexas

Lazydisco - More Tigers (Coupons Remix) (320 kbps)

Lazydisco - More Tigers (Astrolabe Remix) (320 kbps)

After this little round-up we are happy to spread the news that our Polish darlings Kamp! will release their next single on Discotexas. That's something to look forward to!