Monday, July 25, 2011

RÜFÜS new remix EP "We Left"

Australian trio RÜFÜS have today released a new remix EP for their great track "We Left" via the French label On The Fruit Records, that we of course love for their fine work within the electro disco.

"We Left" is an awesome track that we got a tip about already in January from Franck You (owner of On The Fruit). Since then we've been following RÜFÜS to see what they will come up with, and we knew that they would make this remix EP. It's a really solid remix EP with great remixes from all people involved. Thanks to Ride The Universe, Beaumont, Broke One, Freak You and SymbolOne.

Especially we actually love the SymbolOne remix the most and that's the one that they give away for free in 320 kbps today. Perfect day!

RÜFÜS - We Left (SymbolOne Remix) (320 kbps)

Here is the official video for the original:

And here is the rest of the remixes for streaming, to buy the whole EP, head over to Beatport:

RÜFÜS - We Left (Ride The Universe remix) by On The Fruit Records

RÜFÜS - We Left (Broke One remix) by On The Fruit Records

RÜFÜS - We Left (Beaumont remix) by On The Fruit Records

RÜFÜS - We Left (Freak You edit) by On The Fruit Records

PS. Love the cover of the EP


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