Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Meet Lovesport

Say hello to Lovesport, a new and still unsigned duo from NYC consisting of Ben and Julian. I believe that record labels soon will fight to get their signature on a contract.

This first track "Chase" that I heard from them, got me really interested and I got the chance to listen to a new remix they just had finished for a well-respected Swedish act, that release is still not sure when to be released, so I can't really say more than it was as ace as "Chase".

Lovesport also told me that they got a new hot remix for the the new Hey Champ! single that is about to come soon. But until then we can put "Chase" on repeat and you should also join their mailing list over at their Bandcamp, for that you also get "Chase" for free in which sound quality you prefer. Here below we only give you the track in 320 kbps.

Lovesport - Chase (320 kbps)