Sunday, July 17, 2011

STYGG - Get Thee Behind Me Satan

Swedish duo STYGG, that we've written about before with their previous single releases are now back with their first full-length album "Get Thee Behind Me Satan". It was released only a couple of days ago and you can find it on Spotify so far and soon on iTunes (we will let you know when it's up there or you can follow STYGG on Facebook).

A lot of cool people have remixed their earlier tracks "Envy", "Sleep" and "Lunacy", or what do you say about Owl Vision, F.O.O.L., The Integrals or FCKN Crew? And with this album release STYGG also start their own label Voz Alta Records, where they will continue release good music from friends and others.

Here are two tracks from "Get Thee Behind Me Satan":

STYGG - Acid Test (320 kbps)

STYGG - Photos From Mir (320 kbps)

And for those who're interested, the saying "Get Thee Behind Me Satan", is the reply of Jesus when tempted by the Devil.