Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Maman Records tour in Sweden

Our fine French friends of the record label Maman Records is about to visit Sweden for a mini-tour. In three days they will visit Malmö and Stockholm for some special shows, where they bring Leno Lovecraft (NZ), Greatest Hits (US) and Collateral (FR).

If we start off with the night in at Loyal in Malmö this Thursday, July 21 the night will also hold a Japanese VJ named Misaki Kawai. We know it's gonna be a night filled with great sound and visuals. Tracasseur-fans of Malmö, we recommend you visit this party!

Then on Saturday, July 23 the whole crew fly up to us here in Stockholm and we will join them in the dj-booth at Debaser Medis to make the night in Stockholm even better. The Maman crew visit the joint club Tom Tom Shape Up! that is a mix of Tom Tom Disco and Shape Up! ran by the beautiful people Richard Testarossa and Nina Kienast. Tracasseur-fans of Stockholm, we so recommend you to visit this party!

And finally some music so you know what to expect in Malmö and Stockholm on the Maman Records nights:

Leno Lovecraft - Silver Aquariums (192 kbps)

Greatest Hits - Funky Dame (233 kbps VBR)

Arnaud Rebotini - Twilight of Gods (Collateral Remix) (320 kbps)

Testarossa - Drive My Body (320 kbps)

To hear more from Leno Lovecraft, head over here and order records from here...

...and more from Greatest Hits here and order his records here.