Sunday, November 6, 2011

New EP and an album from Pyramid

New mighty stuff from Lyon-based Pyramid. We always like it and probably Cheops and Tutankhamun too. Not that they were into this kind of music but if they were they would have loved Pyramid.

We start off with the new EP "Rising Day" that's out tomorrow November 7 on Technofavrik. This is a superb solid EP that show why Pyramid is one of the most talented young producers out there right now. All five tracks got that extra something and what I also love about the music that Pyramid create, is that it's not boring in any way, a lot of things going on making every track interesting from the first second to the last. Many producers come with a melody and then the build the whole track around that, but Pyramid is much wider and deeper. Maybe as deep as the Pharaohs' tombs?

This is a EP that you buy right away here and then you fan this guy on Facebook and then you take a good listen to nice tracks such as "Cosmos" and "Citizen" and then you write something cheerful on his wall. And you can also start by listen to "Synthesis", the best track from the EP.

Synthesis (Rising Day EP // Out 7th November) by -Pyramid-

Then we also must let you know about his first album he released not so long ago named "Lost In Space". It's of course also a solid release, because it's created by Pyramid. Lots of new favourite tracks on the album that's been played over and over again. "Extra Life", "Galaxy", "Digital Rain" to name a few of them. Head over to Pyramid's Bandcamp and get your hands on "Lost In Space".

Pyramid - Extra Life (320 kbps)

Pyramid - Galaxy (320 kbps)

Pyramid - Digital Rain (320 kbps)

Pyramid - Life (320 kbps)

And finally as a bonus, a kind of a new track from Lyon master Pyramid, not on any album or EP.

Pyramid - On A Walk (320 kbps)


Leone Simonetti said...

Great songs! thank you Tracasseur for showing this great artist : )

theatre of delays said...

very nice ep... just downloaded them all and i am going to use them this weekend in my set.. thanks a lot for this...

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