Friday, November 4, 2011

Retrospective with Le Matos

Always joyful times when you hear from Le Matos. Last year it has been quiet and we all along wanted to hear new material from them. We know that they are up to something in a near future but until then they were so gentle that they released a collection of tracks from now back to 2008. In other words, it's a short retrospective of Le Matos and their progress. And the beauty of this, is that they give it to you for free (of course you can also pay to show them your respect).

The album title "Coming Soon" is a hint of something is cooking over in Montreal. This teaser for the track "Sarah" has been out there for a while. And what I hear in "Sarah" makes me really excited of what to come. Bring it on Le Matos!

LE MATOS "Sarah" (teaser) by LE MATOS

But, back to this collection of gems with Le Matos, that could make any kid (or adult) excited at Christmas. But it's not Christmas yet, but it's a kind gift from the Canadian trio. Tracasseur have always had Le Matos as one top played act on our gigs. For us "Quiet Earth", is an immortal Tracasseur-classic. "88mph" and "Like Perfume on a Pig" too of course. But there are also tracks on this album that not even me had heard before, so for me this was a pre-Christmas. Down below I've picked out the most shiny gems of the album, but you should of course also head over here right away to get the whole treasure in any format you want.

Le Matos - Quiet Earth (320 kbps)

Le Matos - Retired (320 kbps)

Le Matos - Sister (Say Anything Instrumental Remix) (320 kbps)

Le Matos - Denied (320 kbps)


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