Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Now for some Swedish talent that it's about time we write about. A little over a year ago we were tipped off by friends from Uppsala about the production abilities of young producer Tobtok. Back then he was still in high school and had only been making music for a short while, but you could still hear that he was worth following.

Growing up he listened to all kinds of music; a lot of rock and metal, but also old disco. One of his early childhood idols was Michael Jackson, who still is a big influence. It was around two years ago he started making electronic music for fun, but the past year he's been taking it more seriously. It's also during this time he's been discovering house music in all of its forms. Obviously French house is a favourite sub-genre, but he has a lot up his sleeve, especially considering the little amount of time he's been doing this.

So check out Tobtok, and follow his development through Facebook or Soundcloud.

Tobtok - Electric Horror by Tobtok

Tobtok - Pressure by Tobtok

Tobtok - I'll Never Forget You by Tobtok

Tobtok - So Magical by Tobtok

Katy Perry - Last Friday Night (Tobtok Remix) by Tobtok

Justice - Audio, Video, Disco (Tobtok Remix) by Tobtok

DJ EQ - Juicyfruit (Tobtok Remix) by Tobtok

Grum vs. Klique - I Can't Shake This Feeling (Tobtok's "Old-School" Edit) by Tobtok