Saturday, November 21, 2009

8-bit videos and disco edits

So, speaking of old video games in the last post, I've been watching this video of Flair's "Trucker's Delight" all week, as you probably have as well. Hilarious, and a game like that would out-sell Grand Theft Auto in a second. I'm not sure the pixeled video matches the song though. It suits the Alex Gopher remix better:

Flairs - Truckers Delight (Alex Gopher Remix)

In any case the music and the video doesn't gel as perfectly as this classic 8-bit video game music video with Johan Agebjörn, producer of Sally Shapiro:

Johan Agebjörn ft. Nintendo - Mega Man II

Johan sent us these fun edits this week:

Lipps Inc. & Daft Punk - Da Funky Town (Johan Agebjörn Mashup)

Eugene - Livin' In Your Love (Johan Agebjörn Trash Re-edit)

Here's the Eugene original:

And I don't understand how this one managed to slip under our radar.

Sally Shapiro - Moonlight Dance


Lone said...

As usual Gopher = awesome. The video, a confusing mix of wow!neat and huh?what. The lens flare off a vagina never looked so good.

Carlos said...

G! He should do a remix of Captain Tsubasa super striker VOL II. That would be really awesomeeeeee!!

Anonymous said...

I was "delighted" of truckers delight video, but it is no match for the megaman superb remix by johan agebjörn.