Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sad Machine

In early October I wrote about a new discovery to me; the Swedish duo Kläder & Vapen (Clothes & Weapons in English). Back then they had made great remixes together with our slow and sad indie girl Anna Ternheim. Fantastic work with sad songs turned into great electro.

This time it's sad again, "Sad Machine" to me more precise. A nice track from the Swedish guy & girl duo Cleast Eatwood, who makes slow electro pop in a brilliant way. Kläder & Vapen's remix of the track is more discrete than the other remixes of Ternheim, but not bad at all for that. They take this track to another level to put it out simply.

Cleast Eatwood - Sad Machine (Kläder & Vapen Remix)

Cleast Eatwood - Sad Machine

As a bonus you must also check out the the tranquil and beautiful cover that Cleast Eatwood made of MGMT last year.

Cleast Eatwood - Electric Feel (MGMT Cover)

MGMT - Electric Feel


Keeping An Ear Out said...

I love Cleast Eatwood. The Klader & Vapen remix of Sad Machine is the best. Thanks for the post!

Jonas/Jonny Puma said...

Cleast Eatwood are great, so are Kläder & Vapen! Nice you like them both.