Thursday, May 13, 2010

Indiscreet debut EP "The I"

My latest love from France is Indiscreet. Since we posted the remix of Bestrack back in September last year I got my eyes and ears focused. And yesterday he released his first EP "The I" and it's smashing. Melodic, corrosive basslines, great kicks, it's simply great.

What can you say about the debut EP then. Well, it's a solid piece with superb composition, both in the melodic sound and in the pumping beat. It's French Touch with the electro vibes. It's great craftsmanship all the way.

The whole EP is also a time-line story in both music and graphics about a fascistic future where the big eye rules. Something similar to the story in the classic masterpiece "1984" written by George Orwell back in the 40s.

The best track according to me from the EP features the amazing Virginia based singer and producer KiD A. Here are the tracks in correct order to tell the story right. You can purchase the whole EP here.

Vanish Part I

Vanish Part II

Stab In The Back

Indiscreet feat. KiD A - Reveries Past

Indiscreet has also got attention and excitement due to his numerous remixes and this is the latest one of Jimmy Onassis.

Jimmy Onassis - Spell (Indiscreet Remix)


HoseaTheRockstar said...

WOW!!! i got 2 new favorite artists in one blog post!! you got good taste!!thankx

Jonas/Jonny Puma said...

Yeah! That's how we like it. Thanks!