Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Volta Cab

I remember when hearing Tesla Boy for the first time, just over a year ago, that I thought it was rather exotic that they were from Russia. Of course, I had heard a few other Russian bands, like 7he Myriads for example, but to me 2009 is still the year where Russian synth- and electro pop stepped out of its shadow to earn its place on the global music scene.

Upstation have been favourites of ours since last Autumn. Another artist we've been keeping tabs on for nearly as long is Ulyanovsk producer Volta Cab. His music, as well as his aesthetics, are strongly influenced by the 80s, just as the two aforementioned bands. But where Tesla Boy and Upstation draw a lot from the 80s New Wave and synth pop, Volta Cab mixes the retro sound with more of disco and filter house. Or as Konstantyn himself describes his project:

"Volta Cab comes from Mother Russia and brings us into the neon future. Into the times where space rockets are the most widespread type of transport. Into the times where teachers at your child's' school are Martians and the chief-cooks of your favourite restaurant are from Mercury. Into the times when the war is over and everyone in the universe loves one another in the interstellar dance to the synth pop music heavily influenced by the 1980's pop-culture."

Volta Cab - Curious Dreams

Volta Cab - Clarissa

Volta Cab - Stay With You

Volta Cab - We Are Marsians


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so fucking great