Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Introducing Young Empires

Wow! This can be the next thing for sure. Found this Toronto band Young Empires via one of Tracasseur's finest supporters Ingaborg from Serbia. Thanks Ingaborg!

The 3-piece around twenty-something have found an interesting sound of their own that makes you want to move your body. It's catchy and it got flutes (!) yep you read right: flutes. They combine the flute with some post-punk feeling with a catchy disco beat. Sounds interesting? I understand it does, it's ok to press the play button on the player while continue reading about these fine young empires of Toronto.

Young Empires started out as late as October 2009, therefore they only got some demos at their MySpace but they've told us that they are working on their first EP as we write this post. Once complete, they plan to distribute their new sound the good-old-fashioned way; by hitting the road, and hitting it hard. I also believe when the EP is out, the climb to the top will begin.

The guys behind the next big thing are bassist Jake Palahnuk, guitarist Robert Aaron Ellingson and GoldenGirl's Matthew Vlahovich, who is no stranger to the Toronto music scene. And Jake said to us in a quippy way: "We're writing tracks that make you feel wealthy, attractive, powerful; a soundtrack to your haute life, if you will."

Remember where you read about Young Empires in their early stage of their career and remember to bow to them at their MySpace and Facebook.

Young Empires - Rain of Gold (Alternate Mix)