Monday, May 17, 2010

Lisa Bonet + Rush = Evan Patrick

Sometimes you just like something. I liked Evan Patrick when I took my first listen. Couldn't really tell why it got me hooked, but it did. Could it be the similarities to M83 or the flirt with the sound of the 80s? Maybe it's the combination...

Evan says that his EP "The Geek Out" is the product of his singularly unhealthy interest in 80s detritus, which he know is cool and whatnot at the moment, but it's still a totally sincere and personal pursuit for him. He's tried to capture the sounds of Tears for Fears, Rush, Hall & Oates and Tangerine Dream.

The finest tracks on the EP are the M83-flavoured "Architect of the Utopia" and 80s-flavoured "Misfits of Science".

Evan Patrick - Architect of the Utopia

Evan Patrick - Misfits of Science

Evan Patrick - Asia

Evan Patrick - My Perfect Treat

Evan Patrick - The Last Unicorn