Sunday, May 9, 2010

Stay Ali's Vat:Auhlau EP - pure magic!

Here's a real treat for y'all. Stay Ali are three teenagers from Stockholm that produce awesome music with a maturity well beyond their years. And they are no newcomers either; they made tracks like "Emotional Day" two years ago! Their EP "Vat:Auhlau" is released on May 24 on Technofavrik, the label co-run by Monsieur Adi, and includes four original tracks and two remixes by Owl Vision and Datassette. I guarantee you'll want to buy it.

Stay Ali - 97

Stay Ali - Seeing People featuring Karma Tree (Removed by request)


Anonymous said...

I was just listening to their its the weekend remix the other day and I thought "I havent heard from these kids in a while!". Glad to see theyre still rockin out. Solid post

Anonymous said...

Great music, especially like the feel in looner.
Epic image to.

beaumont said...

amazing stuff. i recommend their tracks 'auhlau' 'uwe boll' and 'publikum'