Friday, May 21, 2010


Remember this?

Mason's "Exceeder" was a big hit in 2007, even in mainstream clubs and charts. I liked it even if it is a little too Ibiza for me and I always get uneasy if something I like blows up too big. Because, let's face it, mainstream popularity is hardly a proof that something is good. It reminds a lot of Bodyrox' "Yeah Yeah" which was a hit a year earlier and that type of electro house is pretty interesting. You can hear both the electro-fying of progressive house and the emerging fidget house in them.

Anyway, the Dutch duo is back with a new single called "Corrected" featuring DMC of Run DMC and Sam Sparro. It also comes with remixes from Riva Starr, Alex Gopher and Freaky Friday. The cool thing with these remixes is that they are all so different from each other. Freaky Friday makes a fidget track, Riva Starr a bouncy house track and Alex Gopher a trademarked quirky acid/electro/techno track.

Yeah, fidget... You might have noticed that we don't post much of it. That's because neither me or Jonny like it very much. To me the Freaky Friday remix sort of pinpoints the problem I have with fidget. It could have been an excellent track. I like the piano build-up especially. And then that fidget bass comes in and spoils it for me. It just ruins the flow and the track just pauses and, well, fidgets. So it's a genre I'd like to like. I just can't stand the fidget bass, which is a shame since I like the rave flirts and the ghetto-y feel.

What's that? "Then do it yourself then" you say? Well, maybe I will, since anyone who signs up for their mailing list can get the stems and bits and make their own remix!

Mason - Corrected (Alex Gopher Remix)

Mason - Corrected (Freaky Friday Remix)

Mason - Corrected (Riva Starr Vocal Remix)

"Corrected" is out now on Animal Language. Pick it up on Juno or Beatport! Also get the new issue of DJ Mag where the cover CD contains an hour of Mason stuff. And if you're in Amsterdam on June 5, go see Mason and Alex Gopher at the Animal Language label party.