Saturday, October 9, 2010

Clancy - Night Sky Mixtape

We got some good news from Clancy the other day. He has an EP entitled "Night Sky" coming out in mid-November. We're looking forward to it a lot, and will of course write about it when we can get our hands on it. In the meantime Clancy sent us a mixtape in preparation for the release, complete with some recently made edits.

Clancy - Night Sky Mix

1. StardonE - Love Fighter
2. Holy Ghost - Static On The Wire (RAC Remix)
3. LBCK - Start (Bit-Funk Remix)
4. Kavinsky - Nightcall (MOONBEATZ Remix)
5. Diskokaine - Hall of Shame (Hannulelauri Remix)
6. Fused - Terror (Clancy edit)
7. Visitor - Love (Club Mix)
8. Crystal Understanding - Timmy & Tammy (Remute's Higher-NRG Remix)
9. Fear of Tigers - Pippi (Diamond Cut Remix) (Clancy's 'best bit' edit)
Bonus track:
10. Sister Sledge - Lost In Music (1984 mix - Clancy edit)