Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Monday!

Today is Happy Monday, everyone's favourite day of the week. To celebrate that we thought we'd share a few random tracks with you; some newer, some older.

Fear of Tigers is working on a new album, which I imagine you will hear a lot about. In the meantime we all have to make do with his remixes, which come a little bit too far in between. On the other hand, we're not that fast with this anyway.

EDIT: Jonny posted this way back in July when I was on vacation. Apparently I'm the one who's slow, but what else is new, right?

Rosanna - Waterfall (Fear of Tigers Remix)

Van She Tech finally released a new remix, which was included in Edwin Van Cleef's mixtape that we posted yesterday.

Vandroid - Master & Slave (Van She Tech Remix)

Chris Jylkke has concocted this quite epic nu-disco edit of a Madonna track I hadn't heard before.

Madonna - Miles Away (Chris Jylkke Mash-Edit)

This Bright Light Bright Light remix is just beautiful. One of my favourite tracks this weekend.

Leni Ward - I Want My Heart Back (Bright Light Bright Light Mix)

Got this new Gemini Club remix of Housse De Racket today. There's a neat combo for you.

Housse de Racket - Gwendoline (Gemini Club Remix)

Speaking of Housse de Racket, there's a remix of "Oh Yeah!" that we simply have to post, and that's Tonka's Cosmic Munich remix. Tonka is a legendary act of the old German disco house scene with acts like Ian Pooley and Gene Farris and labels like Force Inc. When I say legendary I'm talking Daft-Punk-mentioning-you-in-"Teachers"-legendary.

Housse De Racket - Oh Yeah! (Tonka's Cosmic Munich Remix)


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