Wednesday, October 13, 2010

T.B.S. [The Bloody Sisters]

T.B.S. (The Bloody Sisters) is the Parisian duo Thierry and Marc. In 2008 they released their EP "Time Machine", which we like a lot. In 2009 they focused on remix work, for people like Röyksopp, Yuksek and Empire of the Sun for example. Now they are back with a new EP of their own, called "Bright Nights" (on Sismic just like the last one).The EP mirrors their broad music style and have everything from dancefloor bangers like "Slammin'" to more laidback, funky tracks like "Rock Your Body". It also features remixes from other upcoming acts Vektorkat and Overthrill.

Check out the video of "Slammin'", which is a tribute to the gore horror movie genre and give a whole new meaning of the word 'slammin'...

Check out the more funky side of T.B.S. including their recent Walter Sobcek remix.

T.B.S - Rock Your Body (T.B.S. Autoremix)

Walter Sobcek - Je Me Souviens (T.B.S. Remix)


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