Saturday, October 23, 2010

Final DJs

Straight out of Stuttgart the duo of Final DJs come. What they make is not the German style though, they make some really nice pieces of French Touch with a scent of the 80s instead. And it's really really good.

Sebastian Stütz and Thomas Del Popolo are not only best friends they've also been producing music together for twelve years. They're of course inspired of the French Touch scene with guys like Fred Falke, and you can hear some inspiration from him with basslines and such. But they also into the 80s and especially italo disco and new wave then. During the last one and a half year they've been producing more seriously and starting to get a really nice sound. I liked it from the first listen and you will too. Great Final DJs!

Final DJs - Twilight [Tracasseur exclusive]

Final DJs - Astromen

Final DJs - Delicat

The guys of Final DJs are also into DJing, as the name says. It's their second love and here's an exclusive mixtape from them to us with tracks from Tesla Boy and Ocelot among others.

They also got a Streamchannel with more mixes here.


J Dub said...

What's the track after Telsa Boy - Synchronized? It's good.

Jonas/Jonny Puma said...

It's Cassette Club - 4 Me (Bestrack Remix). You can find it here along with a couple of other remixes of "4 Me".