Thursday, October 14, 2010

We Are Standard + Anoraak + John Talabot

Speaking of Anoraak remixes, We Are Standard are releasing a remix EP on Mushroom Pillow on November 26. Anoraak has a remix included on it, which is a little more lo-fi disco than usual. The other remixes on the EP are from In Flagranti, CFCF, John Talabot, David E Sugar, Arthur Baker, The Requesters and more!

We Are Standard - Don't Let the Children Play Around (Anoraak Remix) by Mushroom Pillow

Here's the remix made by John Talabot, who we were fortunate to meet up in Uppsala a couple of months ago.

We Are Standard - Don't Give Up (John Talabot's Slowing it Down remix) by Mushroom Pillow


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