Monday, October 25, 2010

STYGG releases "Envy" today

Today Swedish duo STYGG released the new single "Envy" on Trewetha Records. I had the honour to pre-listen the track a while back and was waiting with eager on this release with the remixes. Because when David of STYGG told me the remix participants I knew this release would be awesome.

Remixes by Tracasseur faves Owl Vision and F.O.O.L, who brings some deathelectro into the track. French FCKN CREW bring in the heavy beat and Unteleported Man and Push Pull turns "Envy" to another kind of track. It's a great hard and punky electro release of STYGG. It's available on iTunes or at Spotify, so buy the release to support the guys of STYGG!

STYGG - Envy

STYGG - Envy (F.O.O.L Remix)

STYGG - Envy (Owl Vision Remix)

STYGG - Envy (FCKN CREW Remix)


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