Saturday, October 2, 2010


We're proud to be the first big blog in the world (listed to Hype Machine) to write about Tabularaza (today they've changed name to Scenic). An Australian production duo of Eric Harrison and Adam Tucker and a 3 piece live.

Eric sent us an email a while ago and among all our mails we receive I dived into this mail and then I was hooked. Happy and cheerful electronic music with soft vocals. They have been producing under the banner of Tabularaza since late 2008 and have been playing local live gigs for the past year. But now it's time for the world to get to know these nice mates from the land down under. The name Tabularaza stems from the Latin word, meaning ‘clean slate’.

These guys would love your support and kind words, and they're really well worth it. Now we together kickstart this snowball so they get signed and can hit the world with their music big time.

Tabularaza - Reminisce

Tabularaza - Prime Prime Prime

Tabularaza - Thing to Break


Scenic said...

'This can't be' is an absolute GEM!

Unknown said...

Prime Prime Prime!

Anonymous said...

correction: first blog listed on hypem to write about them.

more importantly, keep following them - got an official release coming out this summer (southern hemisphere) and just changed their name to "scenic".