Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tracasseur Nights at ACE #2

Tonight it's time for our second night at ACE in Stockholm. Last time we brought some fine acts from all around the world, Justin Faust from Germany and What Kind Of Breeze Do You Blow? from Canada and the Swedes of Montauk. This time it's going to be 100% Swedish!

We bring our fellow blogfriends of Dödselectro to Stockholm to join forces with us. Dödselectro is the second best electronic music blog from Sweden so Tracasseur will show them how to be number one. Dödselectro is actually one of the fastest growing blogs in the world right now. They are booked regularly in Sweden for dj-gigs and are also on their way to Spain in November to visit the cool Pantera Club in Madrid. In their hometown of Gothenburg they have been running some clubs and have had fine acts like The Phantom's Revenge, Fear of Tigers, Fare Soldi och Edwin Van Cleef on visit. Tonight it's going to be the harder electro, expect nothing less than deathelectro.
Dödselectro blog

The coolest guys out of Stockholm are the LOST crew. They have the best coverage of the new generation of club-kids. They know where the best parties, club nights, concerts and fashion shows will be. LOST throws great parties by themselves too. Tracasseur and LOST did the awesome "Rum 401" together in February, which was a huge success. Every time the flip records there will be a crazy party, and we look forward to that crazy party tonight.

To give our best to the club of ACE, we bring you a new track from Ladytron named "Ace of Hz".

Ladytron - Ace of Hz


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