Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sferro EP "New Output"

An EP that been wanted for a while is finally out. Sferro mentioned his plans for his EP early autumn and we got the chance to preview some snippets and trials. Already back then you could sense that his first EP would be something worth waiting for. During the process some of the first melodies has been exchanged and new stuff has been added and we've been able to hear the whole process, making this release something that it feels that we are a part of. Probably why it's so great!

"New Output" is a solid release from Sferro, who runs Girlfriend Records, one of our favourite 80s inspired labels. I found my favourite tracks in the title track and "Reverie", both with that lovely 80s touch, Sferro takes us back and then home again. The whole release with four tracks comes with a free download and we share two of the tracks here, so go and get the other two over at Girlfriend Records releases page asap! Also, notice the fine cover made by yours truly...

Sferro - New Output

Sferro - Reverie

In December we got this fine remix from Sferro of Anoraak's "Crazy Eyes" that we haven't posted yet, it's time for that now before we get the crazy eyes from Sferro himself.

Anoraak - Crazy Eyes (Sferro Remix)


Lone said...

Me thinks Sferro and Alfons Von Partei (via the 'Broken Axel' track from a few months ago) should get together.

Remarque said...

Love this EP. GFR is such a solid label. All of the artists are unique but all putting out really fun music.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to listening to this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch for the tracks & the discovery!
Your blog just rules, Jules!