Thursday, December 2, 2010


More Italian disco house in the form of Gabriell from Milan. Gabri has also made music as Boys from Brianza (check out all his music on Soundcloud), and he has a track out on the Italian Dope Denim EP that is out on Juno as we speak. I also happen to know that it's his birthday, so a big "buon compleanno" from me and Jonny to Gabriell!

Treasure Fingers - Lift Me (Gabriell Remix)

Gabriell - Guitar Freak

Boys of Brianza - p.o.p.e.

Boys of Brianza - Chat Roulette With You (feat. Nerd Follia)

Gabriell will be playing at Sabotage in Bergamo on Friday, December 3, Pink is Punk showcase in Milan December 9 and at Social in Milan on December 17.


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