Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Exclusive download of Collateral remix of Keren Ann

We were just down in Paris to gig at Shamrock Festival at GlazArt and we had a blast. The other nights we were hanging out with nice people we know in Paris. We met the nice guys from Maman Records irl for the first time. Supernice label ran by two amazing guys and they introduced us to Collateral. We wrote about Collateral along with the post about Chad Valley, that is on Maman, a while ago and we said that their remix of Chad Valley was ace.

And now when we met them irl they wanted us to release their fantastical fine remix of Keren Ann for download exclusively at Tracasseur. We are honoured to get the chance to release such a fine remix.

When I stood in the streets of Paris listening to it for the first time in Julien's (Collateral) earphones it was love right away. I told him that this kind of remix was up the right alley for Tracasseur. And now when we're back in Stockholm this tune will let us remember the good times we had in Paris. We hope to be soon back guys and girls of Paris! Au revoir!

Keren Ann - My Name Is Trouble (Collateral Remix) [Tracasseur exclusive download]

...and of course it's high quality 320 kbps if you wonder, now you download and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Best track ever posted on Tracasseur!!!!!!

Hugues said...

Simply love it ! and finally in High Res, hmmmm

We've got a whoooole lot of good sound there

Ila said...