Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wonderful Leno Lovecraft

Amazing stuff from Leno Lovecraft. Imagine the crazy psychedelic cartoon serie from 1979 Doctor Snuggles and then you put the whole world under water like The Lost City of Atlantis. Then you flavour it with some odd under water animals, some weird machines and people floating around and smoking under water pipes. Finish it off with putting the soundtrack to it by putting on Leno Lovecraft's "EP #1". That's how the music world of Leno Lovecraft sound like.

01 Planet Sextron (EP version) 1 by Maman_Records

05 Princess 1 by Maman_Records

06 Silver Aquariums 1 by Maman_Records

02 Claire And Cynthia 1 by Maman_Records

Get over to Leno's Bandcamp to listen to the whole 6-track EP and pre-order your copy here.

And here is a freebie not on the EP but still from that odd world.

Leno Lovecraft - Passsionate Fantasia

And best of all is that his new EP is out on our new favourite Paris based label Maman Records. You should check in all of their releases and especially Chad Valley and Kisses and you should definitely fan them.