Friday, April 29, 2011

Fresh from Digitalfoxglove

Got this spaced out 80s disco track from Digitalfoxglove the other night while chatting. As always with his stuff, it's that perfect craftsmanship building a lovely tune. So get into your car and drive along the coast or jump into your space shuffle and set off into outer space while listening to "Someone Else".

Digitalfoxglove - Someone Else


Franck OTF said...

ohh I remember that day, Pete was playing in the garden, he accidentally swallowed a fly shit and ran hiding himself in that tree.
was so cute :) so great moment :)

Junkyard said...

2 minutes in and already one of my favorites right now, thanks for the introductions!

Unknown said...

oh yes, loving them again

Arnaud said...

just awesome

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