Friday, April 15, 2011


Being home due to feeling a bit sick and the sun is shining outside, bad timing I must say. But good timing also, because I stumbled upon Geographer, so sometimes things must have a meaning.

The trio of Geographer hails from San Francisco, making music that will put them in-between Yeasayer and Metronomy. A mix of synths, cello, guitar, drums and the beautiful voice of Michael Deni. They also recently made a great performance at SXSW in Austin, Texas, so expect more attention on these guys to come.

The "Animal Shapes" EP is a perfect record that sum-up their sound quite good. "Kites" is a track that I fell in love with right away, and the Limousines remix is the perfect remix of that track. Here is Geographer for you!

Geographer - Kites

Geographer - Kites (Limousines Remix)

Geographer - Verona

Geographer - Original Sin

Don't forget to buy the whole release here including one more remix from Wallpaper.